Deborah Kleinert

Zag when everyone else is Zigging

This week I’ve had numerous conversations with business owners looking for help to think differently.

Approaching things from different angles and perspectives is critical during times of crisis.

Thinking differently challenges the status quo, and opens us up to greater choice, flexibility and change.

In times of crisis we look to our leaders to think differently, innovate and guide the way.

The most common way business owners approach thinking is “Convergent Thinking”.

This is looking at the current situation and repeating the ‘same’ or ‘related’ ideas over and over.

However, as Einstein said: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity”

In contrast, “Divergent Thinking” is what is required during this time.

This is being open to different ideas and opinions, challenging the status quo and looking at how other businesses and markets operate differently and considering how this could work in your business.

Using both thinking styles creates a more robust system of operation.

3 ways to incorporate more “Divergent Thinking” in your business are:

1. Ask different questions

  • What if this wasn’t the problem?
  • What assumptions have been made about the current situation?
  • What if these assumptions were wrong?
  • What’s wrong with what we currently have?
  • And how can we fix it by doing something else?

2. Take a step back and start with a “blank sheet”

  • If this never existed, what would we do instead?
  • What if we didn’t follow someone’s ‘rules’ what would we do instead?
  • What would be the ideal scenario that is aligned with our purpose, vision & values?

3. Collaborate and negotiate different outcomes

  • Consider different ideas and opinions from trusted sources.
  • Collaborate and negotiate with your clients, customers and team members to achieve different outcomes.

If you need help, let’s chat.

Deborah Kleinert
Deborah Kleinert