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Services overview

The market is flooded with coaches, mentors and consultants delivering programs based on so called “expert” opinions.

In my experience, some of these views are self-serving, misleading or too generic to be helpful.

I am different.

I work collaboratively, and very closely, with my clients to get them out onto the playing field and achieving tangible results.

If you would like to have a chat about working together, please get in touch.

1:1 Mentoring Experience

This one-hour mentoring experience will address whatever challenges, questions, or opportunities are appearing in your business and life right now.

The session may be a whole of business review or focused on a specific challenge or goal.

I will provide insights, suggestions, recommendations and action steps to help you move forward and create change in your business and life.

Business Alignment & Consultations

Timeframe: 3, 6 & 12 months

A detailed review of your business to fully understand its strengths and what needs improvement.

These sessions focus on:

  • Developing strategies for the continued success of your business
  • Providing feedback on challenges, business ideas and progress
  • Prioritising and achieving short, medium and long-term goals
  • Continuously growing and improving you, your team and your business


We will review business materials to ensure they align with your vision, mission and strategies and provide an effective foundation for success.

A workbook will be provided to record your notes, goals, learning and action plans and access to templates and systems (as appropriate) to assist develop and grow your business.

Business Change & Team Development

Timeframe: 6-12 months.

You want the best for your team and clients, but you’re not sure how to deliver messages that inspire your team to be more effective and make your clients advocates of your business.

I’ll help you build a culture where people enjoy work, consistently demonstrate the business’s values, continually strive for excellence and unite in achieving your plan.

You’ll increase your understanding of what makes you and your team effective. I’ll work with you to improve results applying proven methodologies.

I’ll help you understand your leadership style and clear obstacles preventing you from being an effective leader.

I’ll provide workshops and trainings (as appropriate) with you and the team to ensure everyone achieves their goals.

Workshops and training

I train and facilitate groups on live webinars and at events. Popular topics include:

A step by step framework for identifying where you are right now in your business and a roadmap for improving and developing you, your business and team. The Critical Alignment Model draws from Meta Dynamics.

Helps you understand what are we focusing on in your business. What are the gaps in our thinking? What decisions need to be made going forwards?

Uncovers the interactions and human behaviour patterns we see around us, and what we experience both professionally and in our personal lives.

Understand why you and your team members each behave and think the way you do. Develop strategies on how to use the DISC system in your workplace to improve team dynamics and business performance. Includes DISC profiles for you and your team members.

Learn how to:

  • Structure content for trainings and present without notes
  • Playfully facilitate a conversation with your audience so that they transform their learnings and provide value to others

Develop many different ways to best approach challenging situations.

Learn about the 5 Pillars to Success: Recruitment, Building Momentum and Trust, Mentoring, Feedback and Performance Management.

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