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About me

Deborah Kleinert

Welcome! I’m Deborah Kleinert.

I work with Professionals, Business Owners and Leaders to improve their business performance and implement the changes necessary for sustainable and replicable success.

My greatest joy is helping clients to create change to bring about positive outcomes and results. I care about their results and love championing them and their success.

I help my clients think in new, innovative ways and leverage their key strengths. This enables them to focus on what is required to achieve desired results and gives them the freedom to do more of what they love.

Want to know more? Check out my story and then let me introduce you to some other business owners and leaders just like you, who I’ve worked with.

Success stories

Deborah has been instrumental in the development of my business. Her innovative ideas, act now approach and constant encouragement has given me that extra boost I have needed in making my dreams a reality. Thank you Deborah!
Claire Markgraaff
I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your time Deborah; it has changed everything for me and I am finally ready to serve and get on with it! I've spent 20 years building brands from scratch from doing all the strategic planning to working with team members and suppliers to ensure the brand speaks with one voice and delivers on the promise across every touch point. Deborah made me realise that all the delays on getting myself moving were because I was not comfortable with my niche. Thanks to Deborah I've just come full circle. What I love more than anything is brand marketing, that's my niche. I see it all clearly now, how all the pieces fit together, my coaching skills, my obsession with leadership and walking the talk and my love for brand and the emotional connection that is at it's heart.
Eveline Vant Foort
Deborah has been coaching and mentoring me for over a year now to assist me to grow my coaching business. Deborah's supportive, insightful style enables me to gain maximum benefit from every session by cutting straight to the chase and challenging me to always reach higher. Through assisting me to gradually expand my comfort zone, my confidence has increased significantly, allowing me to reach out to many more prospective clients and therefore grow my business far more than I ever would have on my own. In my opinion the blend of coaching and mentoring works so well and I would wholeheartedly recommend Deborah to anyone who wants to achieve more in their business.
Kirsten Nicholl
Over the past year I used the amazing services of Deborah Kleinert. She was invaluable in so many ways and helped me start up my Sales Consulting business. Specifically, she helped me define my niche, develop my business plan, set achievable goals as well as stretches! She also was an incredible resource for helping me with the content for my workshops as well as a huge driving force for my on-line content courses. Her knowledge, commitment, and hands on help is second to none. If you are looking for a performance coach who can get you where you need to go, Deborah is without a doubt a gifted and knowledgeable individual that you must have on your side.
Paige Schwartz
Deborah was instrumental in my transition from account director to partner and ensuring that my first years of partnership were very successful. I strongly recommend her to anyone wising to succeed in business, professional partnerships and large corporates.
Richard Bridgart