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My Approach

My sessions are a playful and collaborative exploration of the possibilities. In our sessions you can just be you; no mask or role to play. This allows you to step into your whole self and design a business, career and life that is aligned with your true purpose and values.

Coaching versus Mentoring

A coach​

focuses on asking the right questions to help their clients work through their challenges and find their own solutions. A coach operates on the premise that the client has the answers and resources within themselves and helps them to be the author of their journey.

A mentor

is someone who has travelled a similar path to their client and guides the client so they learn and develop faster than they might otherwise.

Both styles are valuable 

at different times to develop and unlock potential.
My style is a unique fusion of coaching and mentoring.

As a coach, there are times where I’m asking questions and being led by the client. At other times, I’m providing insights or guidance and imparting knowledge to enable clients to reach their own effective solutions faster. After all, no one wants to spend years fumbling around for an answer.

During our sessions, we’ll work collaboratively, face-to-face, over the phone or online platforms. While every session is as unique as my clients, most typically cover the elements below.


Let’s understand your strengths and areas requiring development and desired short, medium and long-term goals.

Focus & Outcome

We’ll identify the specific issue(s) or challenge(s) that require addressing to get to the heart of the matter as well as determine the immediate outcomes and goals you want to achieve in our sessions.  

Curiosity, Exploration & Creation

What are the beliefs, values and stories holding you back? How can we explore ways of thinking differently and more strategically as well as different mindset perspectives, structures and actions that will bring about change including the essential first steps.


What are the key takeaways from our sessions? What new awareness, learnings or shifts happened ? What is key for you moving forward?


Reflect and engage between sessions to embed learnings and create change

To learn more, start by booking a 30-minute session with me to determine the best way forward.

Proven Methodologies

The success of my coaching/mentoring programs does not happen by accident. I help my clients apply proven methodologies that have already achieved great results for many business owners and leaders.

Meta Dynamics™
Meta Dynamics enables us to transform our thinking, enhance our performance and produce the results we desire in every aspect of our life.
E-DISC is a behavioural profiling tool that enables us to read and understand people so that we can more effectively and efficiently communicate with others.
Your Success
Your Success is a step-by-step personal development system that helps us overcome our fears, blocks and limitations and create an extraordinary life on our terms.
Disruptive Leadership
Disruptive Leadership is for business leaders who have had enough of traditional management and want to shake up the status quo in their business to build a winning culture where passionate people thrive.
Ultimate Influence
Ultimate Influence is a consultative sales framework that changes the way you think about sales and enables professionals to take their influence and sales skills to a new level.

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Business Owners

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Business Leaders

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Speaking Events

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