Deborah Kleinert

The power of the long-term game

Most people rush to be successful and achieve results. We all want instant gratification from what we touch, hear and see.

However, it takes time to build anything that is sustainable, meaningful and makes a difference.

Although the short game offers visible and immediate benefits, that sugar hit usually means putting off what may be difficult, but necessary for something easy and fun.

For example:

  • Why spend time building your business when you could go out with friends?
  • Why study at home when you could enjoy the sunshine?

The more you play for immediate results the harder it becomes to change, because as time goes on the obstacles seem insurmountable.

On the other hand, the long game is having clarity and focus on what is necessary to succeed and relentlessly focusing on acting today to set yourself and your business for the future.

It’s thinking ahead and considering the implication of your current choices.

For example:

  • Are you saving money and investing it for tomorrow? OR
  • Are you honing new skills so you are masterful in the future?

It’s about being deliberate with your actions and being patient.

And it’s normally the result of a taking the small steps that are initially uncomfortable that compound into something tangible, viable and successful.

This message is especially important as we navigate these uncertain times.

It’s so easy to disengage, pause or do the ‘easy’ / ‘safe’ thing in our businesses.

Key questions I ask my client’s are:

Who do you want to be on the other side of this current situation?

How are you choosing to show up?

  • ‘Easy’ or are you focused
  • Overly safe or taking deliberate, calculated risks?

What could you do today to set yourself up for the future?

When businesses choose to play the long game, the results are often extraordinary. Where are you currently playing in your business?

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Deborah Kleinert