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Theming Your New Year

It’s coming to the end of the year and its time to start thinking about the New Year and planning the year ahead to create your most successful year ever…

In my experience with my clients, success comes from focusing on a few things that will move the dial and have the greatest impact.

We live in a world where there are endless distractions, especially from social media, phone calls and text messages. There are so many things competing for our time and clients often express their challenge with focusing on the things in their life and business that will ultimately move them forward.

With the New Year upon us, it is an ideal time to create a theme for the year ahead that helps us be clear on where to play, how to succeed, and most importantly, focus on what really matters.

A theme is the single overarching idea for the year ahead. It’s the word or phrase that describes our core intention and deeply resonates with us so that in times of challenge we have the guiding star illuminating the way.

The power of the theme is its simplicity, bolstered by our connection with it.

It gives us a frame to create incremental changes for the year ahead to make the most of every single day and create deeper levels of meaning in our life and business.

It’s a simple idea that over time will have a significant impact on our life.

So how do we create your yearly theme?

1) Reflect on Your Year

To understand what you want in the New Year, first understand where you’ve been. Reflect on:

What went well?

What didn’t?

What do you want to leave behind?

What do you want to do differently?

 2) Reflect on Your Vision

 Think about who you aspire to be and the character traits you want to demonstrate over the year ahead.

Imagine meeting yourself at the end of a successful year ahead.

What does that person know that you don’t know now?

What do they do?

Who do they know?

How do they spend their time?

The answers to these simple questions are powerful allies in the road ahead.

3) Visualize the New Year

Reflect on your hopes and dreams, ambitions and audacious goals.

What have you already planned to achieve them?

What do you want more of in the New Year?

4) Brainstorm Ideas

Drawing inspiration from the above, brainstorm words and phrases that resonate with you and could define your theme for the New Year.

A theme is meant to be simple, easy to remember, something that inspires you into action and guides you to make more of the choices and decisions that lead you to your goals and vision.

Some examples of themes are…

  • Adventure
  • Gratitude
  • Growth
  • Presence
  • Vitality
  • Believing in yourself
  • Honoring your word
  • Getting it done
  • Achieving like you always do, but arriving gracefully

The key is to make sure the theme is relevant and resonates. It isn’t simply what you think you ‘should do’ or logical progressions from were you are. Be bold!

Give yourself time to ponder you ideas on what will keep you focused. Look at others who inspire you and consider how they are living thematically and true to themselves.

5) Let’s Get Started!

Once you have something write it down!

Place it around your home and office where you can see it every day.

Start setting goals throughout the year aligned with your theme.

Revisit your theme when making important decisions and be true to it.

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