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Think Big. Dream Big.

Just because you become a mother, doesn’t mean you lose a piece of who you are or your dreams….

I remember after having my son and although I was enjoying being a mother, I was so determined to return to coaching and mentoring, help my clients succeed, contribute to the world and experience the things I love.

Three months after giving birth, whilst breastfeeding and looking after my son, I enrolled in a business mastermind program and consulted to another professional’s sales and business development department.

Looking back, I was a young mother trying to get back my focus, my dreams and myself. I wanted to prove I could contribute, make a difference and raise a family.

What became clear was that I wasn’t able to dedicate the focus and time I once had…and there were times I thought I should just stop.

So do you give up on your dreams? Do you shelve your ambitions until your children are older?

This wasn’t an option. I had the drive and ambition and the zeal inside. To give up on my work would be to lose a critical piece of me and compromise my potential and identity.

It meant I had to change my thinking and approach my work very differently.

As Albert Einstein said “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

Having less time has forced me to focus on the things that matter MOST, rather than chase every bright, shiny object or path I came across. I had to LET GO of old beliefs, ineffective behaviors and any projects that were not serving me.

Getting clear on my big picture ‘outcome’ enabled me to make informed decisions on what to say ‘yes’ to, what to decline and what is necessary to succeed every day.

I gave myself the space to achieve my goals without needing to push and scramble at the last minute.

Assembling a team who champions your success and provides insight and guidance at times of need is essential. Embracing acceptable imperfections or mistakes is liberating. Rebel against perfectionism. There is no time for over thinking.

Rather, plan to create the time to achieve daily, weekly and monthly goals.

Finally, I learned the benefit of ensuring I run my own race. It doesn’t matter what others are doing.

As a mother with a strong sense of self, you can be present with your family, achieve your dreams and live an extraordinary life.

If this resonates with you and you’d like to find out how you can create a business and life that fulfils you, comment below or send me a private message so that we can chat.

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