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Is The Universe Tapping You On The Shoulder?

Have you ever thought that the Universe is tapping you on the shoulder trying to tell you something?

Do you sometimes feel that you are being tested by old triggers, beliefs or missed opportunities to determine whether you’ll make the same choices or decisions that you’ve made in the past?

Well you’re not alone. I’ve seen clients go through this and have experienced this myself from time to time.

Recently I worked with a client who had actively pursued an opportunity without success. She decided to move forward and focus on something different. However, the previous opportunity and old beliefs resurfaced.

She had to decide whether to continue her new direction or revert to what she had left behind and transcend her limitations…

The ‘test’ occurs when we are experiencing a reoccurring pattern or theme that we have seen play out before. And if we have already been there often the message gets louder.

It’s not the universe testing us. The universe doesn’t assign meaning or judge what we do. It is egoless. It only cares that we are moving forward. It wants us to expand.

We are testing ourselves. And it’s a clue that we need to make a change.

As we pay attention to what is really going on within, we develop a new awareness and see a fork in the road that will either lead to the same old patterns repeating or a new path forward.

Sometimes when creating new beliefs, setting new intentions or deciding to create a change in our life, we let obstacle get in our way. We assign meaning to what has occurred, judge ourselves and stop moving forward.

The key is that we can choose how to respond. The choice is ours.

We can choose to take the learning, overcome the obstacle, transcend our limitations and let go, stop focusing on the past and do something new.

There will always be bumps, obstacles and different forks in the road.

The only real obstacle is ourselves and not making any decisions, which can lead to stagnation, and not reaching our fullest potential.

So next time there is a ‘test’ or an obstacle, take the lesson, a different path and keep moving!

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