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Consistent Incremental Improvements Lead to Success

The road to business success can be challenging.

There are roadblocks, potholes and bumps along the way.

I recently worked with a Business Owner who was doing well in her business about a year ago but had lost momentum.

She was bored, had lost sight of what was important and stopped doing the things that was going to generate an income.

She started creating new services and innovations that were not yet making her money and had received mixed feedback because her marketing messages were not clear.

This resulted in a significant dent to her personal finances; a downward spiral of not feeling good enough and her considering returning back to paid employment.

However, failure was not an option. She had already invested so much of her time, effort and money into this business trying to uncover the ‘code’ to be successful.

She desperately wanted to get her business back on track and start earning an income again…

“Business success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out” that are aligned with what is ‘core’ to our business.

Our ‘core’ business is what makes us money.

It’s delivering what we’re proficient at and what we’ve promised.

It’s the things we ‘must’ do for the business to run smoothly.

It’s the repeated day-in and day-out activities referred to as the ‘Grind’.

Innovations and improvements are critical but we have to make sure that we’re not innovating and improving to the detriment of core.

The key to business success is to be great at ‘Core’ and to learn to love the ‘Grind’.

Grinding is a normal part of being a business owner and entrepreneur. Taking action, repetition and refinement are vital to becoming great at our craft and business.

Regardless of the business situation, we can either choose to repeat the same old patterns and mistakes OR embrace them as an opportunity to improve and learn something new.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Incremental improvements consistently over time on the things that matter lead to success. It is a journey rather than a destination.

Yes, there will be times that are not as exciting as others and sometimes we might not feel we’re making a great deal of progress.

Keep Persisting. Keep Moving Forwards. Protect Core. Love the Grind.

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